Sleep Seminar

Sleep deprivation is pervasive in America and it can cause the whole body to get out of balance.  This imbalance can cause a number of health conditions to occur and make you very unpleasant to be around.  Diseases creep in when body systems are out of balance but it doesn't have to stay that way. Learn strategies for living a healthier and more satisfying life using actionable steps and support from a functional medicine approach.  This edu-taining seminar is focused on sleep because let's be honest-- most of us could work on our sleep habits.

Learn how:
  • Sleep is controlled by many areas of the brain
  • The good and bad facts about sleep
  • Key nutrients that support healthy sleep
  • How you may be sabotaging your sleep
  • Dietary strategies for a restful night
Also, you will be challenged to be active in the next gym challenge-- The Sleep Challenge!  Sign up opens after the seminar. This challenge will force you to track your hours of sleep and take steps to prioritize it.  This is a $20 challenge.  The winner of the challenge will get to choose a Houston-based charity to donate all the proceeds to.  Look out on the events page for more details.

Date: September 20, 2014
Time: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Location: Main Floor
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